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Things to do

Night Markets 🌕🍢

The world's got plenty of markets, but Taiwan's night markets are truly in a league of their own. The variety of food is absolutely massive! You can eat here every day for a week and still not have tried everything.

Prices are really affordable so you won't be putting much of a dent in your wallet unless you're like Brian, when at night markets eats a pre-dinner, dinner, post-dinner, pre-dessert, and dessert.

But it's not all about the noms, either. There are plenty of fun games to play with realistic chances at winning cute prizes. We promise that if you play, you won't leave empty handed 🧸.

While you’re digesting your Gua Bao and sipping on authentic Aiyu Jelly, take some time to shop around the many trendy stores selling clothes, cellphone gadgets, and more.

If you're not 🤤 already, check out these links:


We all know hitting the gym is super important. Brian has hand-picked a few gyms that you can drop-in when you're in Taipei. Transform your surplus calories from the delicious bowls of beef noodle soup into muscles.

Taipei City Sports Centers - These are public gyms that offer stuff besides lifting weights, like basketball, badminton, soccer, etc. Cost is $1.50/hour.

Fit Plant Gym - Nice, clean gym with free weights, bumper plates, squat racks, and machines. Has a cute little Aussie that hangs around. $150 NTD ($4.80 USD) per visit.

Taipei Sports & Fitness Center - Small, cramped gym with free weights, squat racks, and machines. They have two locations. Gym access is charged by the minute, around $3 per hour. Usage is tracked by texting someone when you enter and leave the gym (lol). This is all set up on your first visit!

Refine Fitness - Clean, spacious gym with 3 locations featuring free weights, bumper plates, and machines. Very new equipment. $200 NTD (~$6 USD) per visit.

Jiufen 🏮

Take a day trip to Jiufen, the inspiration behind the movie “Spirited Away”. This charming town is a great place to wander alleyways, shop, eat street food and take tons of pictures.

Once you’ve hit your 10k steps and your glutes are blasted from all the stairs, you can stop and steep (haha) yourself in the rustic vibes at one of the traditional tea houses. The views are pretty sick! 🍵🌄

You can also head to the town-next-door, aka Pingxi, the hands down most epic place to celebrate the lantern festival (sadly our wedding will have missed that by just a few weeks 🥲). Here, you can write your dreams on sky lanterns and let them float to the heavens.. 100% dreams come true, no money back guaranteed.

Get hyped!

Xinyi 🥂

Xinyi district is a bougie neighborhood with high-end malls, swanky restaurants, and tons of street performers and other entertainment options.

This neighborhood is home to the 10th tallest building in the world, Taipei 101. Here's an obviously true and fun fact: for those of you from NC, this building was named after the Taipei 101 restaurant in Cary! Here, you can enjoy luxury stores and a panoramic observatory deck. 🔭

Looking to shop? With this neighborhood's extensive (almost excessive) network of department stores, you’ll find anything you can possibly want. Don’t forget to bring your passport; foreigners don't need to pay tax! 🛍

Want to hit up the clubs and bars? Look no further. Xinyi is the place for Taipei nightlife. Let’s get lit. 🔥

Head to the pregame below 👇

Ximending 🏳️‍🌈

Like the Xinyi area, Ximending also offers a ton of food, shopping, and entertainment. However, where Xinyi is sophisticated and modern, Ximending has more of a youthful culture and the shopping is more affordable. Like anywhere else in Taiwan the food here is also bomb 🤤 so enjoy while you watch the street performances. You can play in the arcades, dress up and take photobooth pics, or sing your heart out at KTV.

Beitou & Tamsui ♨️

If you want to relax, head over to Beitou and heal your body and soul in Taiwan's natural hot springs. Whether you’re into the whole private retreat vibe, only want to dip your toes in, or you're up for a communal soak, there are plenty of options for everybody.

You can end the day over in Tamsui out by the coast. This romantic seaside neighborhood is another great place to wander and eat street food then catch a great sunset.

Look how beautiful 👇


Taiwan is also known as "Formosa", a nickname given by the Portuguese in the 1500s meaning "beautiful island". And boy is Taiwan truly a beautiful island with it's beautiful natural landscape.

⛰Mountains ⛰

The city of Taipei is embedded in lush, green mountains, which you can explore in a variety of ways.:

  • Elephant Mountain is a popular bang-for-your-buck hike that gives you stunning views of the city if you're willing to make it up the many stairs 🥾 It's particularly fantastic for catching the sunset over the city.
  • Tea tours, which take place in tea houses perched on the mountainside, give you a glimpse into Taiwan’s rich tea drinking culture. Enjoy a traditional tea ceremony while taking in the dope views. 🫖
  • Gondola rides are a relaxing and scenic way to get to the top without breaking a sweat. There's even a gondola with a glass bottom if you're not afraid of heights. 🚠
  • Once you’re in the mountains, be sure to check out the cherry blossoms. We’re so lucky to be there when they start blooming in March! 🌸

🏝 Beaches 🏝

For a beach day, you can head over to Keelung, the district just outside of Taipei, where you can find beautiful beaches to relax, surf, and snorkel. Note that it might be a tad breezy in March, so plan accordingly!

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