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Isabella Sun & Brian Luong — Minted

Isabella Sun


Brian Luong

Our Story

First Encounters

Isabella and Brian first met in 2015 while studying abroad in Singapore. Brian thought Isabella was cute, but she thought he was weird. They took study breaks exploring Southeast Asia and eating convenience store ice cream cones.

Some say their first encounter should have happened much earlier. They had the same childhood piano teacher, attended the same high school, and lived just 15 minutes from each other for 10+ years. But fate is like rolling dice; sometimes the dice rolls under the couch.

Across the country

Brian moved to Seattle, Washington in 2016, after graduating from college. After a year of long distance, Isabella joined him in 2017.

They quickly put down roots and started to build a life together. From exploring the breathtaking nature of the Pacific Northwest, raising their little puppy named Ramen, and adventuring to new corners of the world, Isabella and Brian were laying the foundation for a lifelong journey together.


Isabella and Brian couldn’t contain their excitement to get married so they had an elopement this past year in the North Cascades in Washington! They hiked up a mountain, said vows to one another, and danced to High School Musical. Can you believe Isabella hiked the entire 3.5 miles in her wedding gown?!